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Book Reference: 7761
Author: TICKNER. (John).
Title: A Complete Collection of the Works of:- Light Horse [Light Horse(reprints, 2 signed)], Dog Licence (signed), Showpiece (signed), Horse Encyclopaedia (signed), To Hounds (signed), Rough Shooting (signed), Rough Shooting Reprint (signed), Tickner's Pub (signed), Tickner's Ponies (signed), Reprint (unsigned), Hunting Field, Dog House, Rural Guide, Terriers (signed), leopard in the Cellar, The memoirs of a Cartoonist (signed), Horses, Cats (signed), DOgs (signed),
Price: 250
Year: 1956-1991
Description: cont... CURTIS. (Christopher). Encore Le Sport (signed by Author and Artist), plus 17 Christmas Cards by and from John and Barbara Tickner and two Christmas Numbers of Horse and Hound with articles by John Tickner. 21 books. 1956 to 1991.
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